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This is the Interactive Center. Here you can find all of the invitations to make Chessorb your own. You can ask questions, write articles or add annotated games. You can also comment on articles and games added by others.

You can talk about other chess variants too. You will see invitations to talk about chess in different parts of the site but they're all linked to from here.

I'm excited to read your articles and see your games complete with your notes. It really makes a game come alive when the player tells us what was going through his head. All the links are below.

Invitation Links



Ask a Question on Chess Rules
Check out the FAQ and other submissions to find your answer. If it's not there ask your question and I will give you a quick, clear answer.

Leave a Tip on Chess Strategies
Do you have top chess strategies or handy tips to increase success over the board. Or maybe you're hunting for tips yourself. Share the knowledge around, upload your tips and pick up strategies left by other players.
Share Your Best Chess Moves Here
Do you know some great opening chess moves that can win a piece early? Tricky little maneuvers that can catch the other guy unaware? What little trick works for you time and time again? Tell us more!



Key Positions

Give Your Take on Lucena Position Endgames
The Lucena Position is a pivotal piece of chess theory in Rook and Pawn endgames. If you like you could submit an article or enter an annotated game that reached the Lucena Position, either a game played by prominent players or perhaps a game you played yourself.
Give Your Take on Philidor Position Endgames
The Philidor Position is a crucial piece of rook and pawn endgame theory. If you're down in a rook and pawn vs rook endgame you need this in your armory. If you like you could submit an article or enter an annotated game that reached the Lucena Position, either a game played by prominent players or perhaps a game you played yourself.

Material Face Offs

Endgame Themes

Positional Strategy



Closed Sicilian

Open Sicilian (2...Nc6)

Open Sicilian (2...d6)

Share the Secrets of the Sicilian Defense Labyrinth
The Sicilian Defense is infamous in chess circles. Whether you talk about the Classical, Najdorf, Scheveningen or Dragon Formation, you're looking at dynamic possibilities for Black in the middlegame if he handles his defensive maneuvers skillfully. Tell us your favorite line in the Sicilian Defense Labyrinth.

Open Sicilian (2...e6)

Ruy Lopez - Morphy Defense

Ruy Lopez - Main Line

Ruy Lopez - Alternatives to Morphy

King's Pawn Game

Talk About Your French Defense Master Class
Have you ever played the French Defense? What are the strengths of this defense in your opinion? What do you like about the positions you get from it? Or if you prefer you can talk about a famous French Defense Game. Annotate a French Defense game played by a chess legend.
Why do you like the Caro Kann Defence?
Maybe you play the Caro Kann regularly and would like to share your thoughts in an article. You can annotate one of your games if you prefer and show us how you used it to win. Or you can annotate a Caro Kann game played by a leading chess player of today or yesteryear. Tell us why you like the Caro Kann.

Queen's Gambit Declined (w/o 3...Nf6)

Queen's Gambit Declined (with 3...Nf6)

Slav Defense

Semi-Slav Defense

King's Indian Defense

Other Indian Systems

Queen's Pawn Game

English Opening

Other Flanks

Irregular Openings

Gambits (KPG Part A)

What's the Deadliest Gambit in the World?
Gambits are great aren't they. They're one of the best things about chess. Nothing better than winning a game through a cleverly calculated opening sacrifice leading to great lines and positions. The more audacious the better. Question is what gambit is the greatest of them all?

Gambits (KPG Part B)

Gambits (KPG Part C)

Your Latvian Gambit Escapade
Have you ever played the Latvian Gambit? It's a high wire option with sharp lines of play. You need to get your attacks going quickly. You pray your opponent will slip up and then you can clobber him. We want to share your glory! Your Latvian Gambit Escapade.

Gambits (King's Gambit Part A)

Relive Your Greatest King's Gambit Game
Have you ever played the King's Gambit? Has it brought you into a game with unfamiliar positions? An exciting rollercoaster. Or maybe you've faced it. Did you survive the complications? Talk us through your game move by move. Or if you prefer you can talk about a famous King's Gambit Game. Annotate a lively King's Gambit encounter played by a chess legend. Relive Your Greatest King's Gambit Adventure.

Gambits (King's Gambit Part B)

Gambits (King's Gambit Part C)

Gambits (Vienna Game)

Gambits (Bishop's Opening)

Gambits (Sicilian Gambits)

Gambits (French Gambits)

Gambits (Caro-Kann D / Alekhine D / Nimzowitsch D)

Gambits (Center Game / Scandinavian Defense)

Gambits (Queen's Gambit)

My Boat Ride on the Queen's Gambit
The Queens Gambit is a great resource to give you control of the center. You can push Black back, slowly taking the iniative as you grind the enemy down. Of course if you face this play there are ways to stymie White.
My Albin-Counter Gambit Cliff-Hanger
Have you ever played the Albin-Counter Gambit? Have you ever faced it? How did you fare in the sharp positions arising from it? Talk us through your game move by move. Or if you prefer you can talk about a famous Albin-Counter Gambit Game.

Gambits (QPG Part A)

Gambits (QPG Part B)

Post Your Benko Gambit Adventure
Have you ever played the Benko Gambit? Quick development and great queenside initiative for Black. Careful and assured response required from White. Did you play this opening as either White or Black?

Gambits (Irregular Gambits)

Early Greats

Gifted Artists

Share Your Paul Morphy Stories and Games
Paul Morphy is someone who lived a very interesting life. There must be countless anecdotes and interesting accounts of different episodes and incidents throughout his time. Do you have one you'd like to share?

Official Champions

Who Was The Greatest Player Ever?
There have been many great chess grandmasters down through the years, decades and centuries. There does not seem to be an undisputed greatest. Different people have different opinions. Who do you consider the greatest?
Jose Raul Capablanca Stories and Games
Jose Raul Capablanca is possibly the most naturally talented chess player of all time. There were many great stories in relation to his life and times. Do you have an anecdote or game to share?
Alexander Alekhine Stories and Games
Alexander Alekhine was a chess genius from Moscow. He was one of the most controversial chess players ever and played some brilliant games. Do you have an anecdote or game to share?
Bobby Fischer Stories and Games
Bobby Fischer was a controversial but gifted chess master from New York. There were countless episodes of drama throughout his life and career. Do you have an anecdote or game to share?
Garry Kasparov Stories and Games
Garry Kasparov is believed by many to have eclipsed every other chess player in history to become the greatest ever. His aggression over the board match by his ferocity off it. Do you have an anecdote or game to share?


We Want Your Chess History Gem
Chess is this amazing human phenomenom spanning cultures, continents and eras. One tenth of the world's population play chess. There are so many people out there who have priceless knowledge of chess history. Maybe you have an interesting chess story. Tell us your chess history gem.
Have A Great Story on the Origin of Chess?
The saga rumbles on. India, China. China, India. Personally I lean towards the India theory but you never know. Or maybe you do know something. Maybe you have an interesting 'Did you know' type article on the early days of chess. Share it!
What's Your Favorite Game From the Romantic Era?
The Romantic Era was the Golden Age for artistic combinations in chess. It left behind it a legacy of beautiful games and we all have our favorites. What chess game from this era most captured your imagination?
Know Another Famous Chess Game?
We have listed 32 of the most amazing games ever played right here. Inevitably there are many other beauties that do not make the cut. You might think to yourself, 'oh I know a game that should have been in there.' If you know another game that is pure gold, spill it!
Your World Chess Championship Games
Tell a story from World Championship history or annotate your favorite World Championship game. There's been plenty of political intrigue and business considerations swirling around in the mix with strong personalities. And let's not forget there was some chess played too! Some of the finest games in chess history.
World Chess Champions Legacy
Every World Champion had something special. You don't climb to the top of the mountain without special qualities. Which champion inspires you more than any other? Whose games blow you away with the magic contained within? Discuss one of these champions or one of their memorable games? The floor is yours!


Your Favorite Chess Variant
There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands of chess variants out there. Human imagination and innovation remains constantly at work. For chess this means new variants and sub-variants as old ideas get spun in new and interesting ways. Do you know a great chess variant that the world must hear about?
Amazing Xiangqi Tales
Growing and evolving over the last 2,000 years, Xiangqi has seen all of the changes and events that have taken place in China over that era. There must be a wealth of great stories and tales from Xiangqi history dating back through the ages. Do you have an amazing tale from Xiangqi's rich history?
Have You Played Antichess?
Have you ever played Antichess? Is strategic theory as developed as the same for regular chess? Are the strategic principles of Antichess as close to a mathematical science as those of chess? What is it like to play this game?
Amazing Shogi Tales
Shogi has emerged as the dominant chess variant in Japan. The ingenious drop rule is probably the reason why it has vanquished all other variants in Japan. There must be a thousand fascinating tales from Shogi history. Do you have one you'd like to share?
Fascinating Chaturanga Stories
Chaturanga is said by many to be the original chess variant from which sprang all forms of chess known to man. We have many myths and legends coming from the game that each may have at least a grain of truth. Do you have an fascinating Chaturanga Story?
Makruk Footprints
Makruk or Thai Chess is deeply woven into Thai conciousness. It is a national treasure. It has been part of the country's heritage for so long that the people could not possibly imagine Thailand without it. Would you like to discuss the Footprint of Makruk in Thailand?
Shatranj in the Arabian Desert
Shatranj is a direct ancestor of Western chess. There are many myths and legends associated with the Persian variant. Tales of mystery and intrigue, of trickery and deception. Maybe you've heard a good one that you would like to share here. Do you have a Shatranj Tale from the Persian Gulf?
Your Craziest Chess 960 Games
Chess 960 is ripe for really unorthodox positions that you'd never find in regular chess. You will surely have found yourself in remarkable positions that will interest others. We want to see your most exciting Chess 960 games. We welcome you to share them here.
Why do You Love Korean Chess?
Tell us why Korean Chess became so important to you. Or maybe you're only discovering it now. Whether you know and love this game real well or you're only getting to grips with it recently, talk about Janggi here!
How Do You Feel About Circular Chess?
Have you ever played Circular Chess? What did you find were the main strategic differences between this variant and Western Chess? Which board do you prefer? How do you think the game would go? Could be a crazy game. Give us your thoughts.
Talk About the Great Game of Martian Chess
Have you played this Martian variant? What did you think of it? Are you hooked? Tell us about your experiences with it. Do you have a great story about this? Share it!
Do You Have a Story to Tell on Sittuyin?
Sittuyin is part of Burmese history. It is also a cool part of chess history. Have you played this game? Maybe you've been to Burma and witnessed this game being played. Do you have a great story about this variant? Share it!
Talk About Ultra Dynamic Hexes Chess
Do you play Hexes Chess? How do you find the migration from the squares to the hexagons? Have you acclimatized to the new fighting arena? Are you now a Hexes Hustler? Give us your thoughts on Hexes Chess here. We are excited to read your article. Share it!



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