Utilizing the Queens Gambit

The Queens Gambit is a popular idea at all levels of the game. While King's Gambit games tend to lead to open positions with rapid assaults on the king. When you use openings that concentrate on the queenside you're playing the long game. You can share your own QG games here.

On the queenside you are playing positional chess and the Queens Gambit is one of the possible options. The idea is for White to win control of the center by taking Black's central pawn out on to an outside flank. White doesn't mind giving up a pawn to do this because he can win back the pawn with ease and he gets a strong center.

Accepting the gambit is not necessarily disastrous for Black he has many options in his quest to gain equality. And of course he doesn't have to accept the gambit. He can play defences such as the Slav or the semi-Slav. The Queen's Gambit (D6-99) takes up almost all of Volume D.

Queen's Gambit Accepted

Queens Gambit

Queens G

The first thing to do is to cover the accepted lines. This is where Black follows 2.c4 with dxc4 on the next move or soon after. This decision will leave White with good control of the center. He will also win back the sacrificed material quickly enough.

We will see why it would be a mistake for Black to try and hold the pawn. If he sends his queenside pawn down the flanks attempting to support the pawn on c4 White will win any skirmish by at least a pawn and Black's queenside structure would be a mess.

If Black accepts the gambit he should also be advised that he will not get to keep the material gained. At this point Black would be better off to forget about his own pawn. He should now instead concentrate on his development and the construction of a solid position.

Queen's Gambit Declined

Queens Gambit Declined

QG Declined (semi-Slav)

It's becoming more popular these days for players when playing with Black to decline the Queens Gambit. There are three main lines in the Declined lines. They are 2...Nf6, 2...c6 (Slav Defence) or 2...e6 (semi-Slav Defence).

The first of these Nf6 is not so popular, being considered not fit for purpose. We will analyze that line where you can see the weaknesses and drawbacks for yourself. Seeing is believing.

We will concentrate more heavily on the Slav and semi-Slav lines which enable Black to build a solid position from where he will fight for equality. The Slav is said to be safe but drawish, there are drawish variations in the semi-Slav but some exciting lines too. Here are some good games coming off the QG.

Share Your Greatest Queen's Gambit Boat Ride

Have you ever played the Queen's Gambit? Has it brought you from a slow start through to a thrilling climax. Or maybe you've had it thrown at you. How did you respond? Did you soak up the pressure? Then launch a devastating attack laying your opponent's hapless forces to waste on your way to a stunning victory? Talk us through your game move by move. We want to share your glory! Share Your Greatest Queen's Gambit Boat Ride.

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Moving On

Albin-Counter Gambit

Albin-Counter Gambit

The Queens Gambit is a great addition to your arsenal as a chess player. AJ Brown has helped us out once more with another really great piece. A good knowledge of all the main lines and some sub-variations will leave you in a good position to live with much of what White can throw at you.

And of course as White you will want to learn the art of winning the battle on the queenside. How to get that little edge and to slowly make it grow into a crushing advantage as you break Black's queenside resistance before going after the king.

There is of course a line of the QGD that I didn't cover here for a very specific reason. It's another gambit, this time it's Black offering White material with 2...e5. It has fallen out of favor because with good play White can hurt Black on this line. But it gets interesting quick if White errs in his response. It's the Albin-Counter Gambit.

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