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Welcome to the Basic Chess Rules FAQ. If you are unsure of any of the basic chess rules or maybe some of the more technical stuff you've come to the right place. Many of the most frequently asked questions are here complete with answers. Be sure to first read carefully through Chess Rules.

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Basic Chess Rules Qs and As

Q. What happens if I accidentally leave my King in check after my move? Do I lose the game?

A. No you don't lose the game. The move is taken back and you make another move with the piece you originally moved if this is possible. If not move another piece. Even if the mistake is discovered several moves later the game should be restored to the position directly before the illegal move is taken. Illegal moves should shed more light.

Q. Is it possible for one King to put the opposing King in check?

A. No as this move would leave the attacking King in check also which is illegal. The closest the two Kings can get to each other is with one square between them. See the discussion on opposition for a deeper understanding of this.

Learn the basics of chess
Learn the basics of chess
Q. How many Queens can I have on the board at a time?

A. It is perfectly legal to have more than one Queen at a time. In theory it is possible to have as many as nine Queens at once although this would mean successfully promoting all eight pawns while retaining the original queen, a tall order to say the least!

Q. How many moves are given to mate a lone King?

A. Following the capture of the lone King's final comrade he must make 50 moves to earn a draw as outlined in the Right to Draw.

Q. On the opening move can you move two pawns one square instead of moving one pawn two squares?

A. No this is not an option. There are no circumstances in chess where two pieces are moved as part of the same move apart from castling with King and Rook.

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Chess Glossary Links
Chess Glossary Links
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