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Xiangqi is the origin of Chess


Original Chaturanga, meaning 4 armies, has the same idea as Pachisi, played by 4 players. These can mutually interact in fighting the other players. This

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Hexes Chess - Chess on Hexagons

Hexes Chess is played on 54 hexagons. It uses fewer spaces and fewer pieces than conventional chess. The hexagonal format greatly increases the mobility of each piece.

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Sittuyin from the Foothills of Burma

Sittuyin otherwise known as Burmese Chess is a direct descendent of Chaturanga. This chess variant is still popular in some North-Western provinces of Burma.

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Martian Chess - Control Territory not Pieces

Martian Chess is the chess game where you control territory, not pieces. You get certain section of the board under your control for the entire game. Any piece that moves into it becomes your piece.

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Circular Chess - Control the Rings To Win

Circular Chess retains all of the rules and characteristics of conventional chess. The only difference is the combat arena. The 8x8 square board is replaced with a circular ring board. This one small departure changes everything and changes it utterly.

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Korean Chess - Want a Game of Janggi?

Korean Chess is very similar to Chinese Chess. It's a direct descendant. The board is the same except there is no river. It has the same pieces too but they move differently. There are a couple of other slightly different rules.

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Chess 960 - Fischer Random Chess

Chess 960 or Fischer Random Chess is like regular chess except the pieces on the back row start in random positions. Throw out your opening theory books, you're on your own right from the first move. Every game is different.

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Shatranj - Chess from Persia

Shatranj was the chess variant played in the ancient Persian world. When the Muslims conquered Persia in the 7th Century they brought Chaturanga with them, introducing chess to the region.

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Learn Thai Chess Also Called Makruk

Thai Chess or Makruk is the closest chess variant to Chaturanga, the original chess game. It is played widely in Thailand and Cambodia, much more so than Western Chess.

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Chaturanga - The Original Chess

Chaturanga dates back to the Gupta Empire in India around the 6th Century. It is the earliest known form of chess. Every chess variant can trace it's roots back to this game.

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