The Next Level - Musketeer Chess

by Dr Zied Haddad
(Paris, France)

Check out the new characters for this game

Check out the new characters for this game

Chess suffers nowadays from draws and less spectacular games. Musketeer Chess helps to fix this opening the path to new strategies, more tactics, much more spectacular play. Play uses a classic chess set, and adds two new pieces dropped during the game in a way respecting the general spirit of a chess game. These new pieces spice up the game, helps getting rid of opening theory to focus on thinking and elaborating strategies on the board. When the new pieces are exchanged, the games becomes a normal chess game, with the exception that a Pawn can promote to the newly added pieces. The game is still a chess game but the new elements make it much more than that. A fun to play chess variant.

Step 1: First Musketeer piece selection

White chooses the first Musketeer piece by positioning it on the White start position labeled "1". The same Black piece is automatically moved to Black start position "1".

Step 2: Second Musketeer piece selection

Black has 2 possibilities:

  1. He chooses the second musketeer piece among the 9 remaining possibilities by positioning it on the Black start position labled "2".

  2. He refuses White choice by putting the first selected piece back to its original position. In this case, the 2 musketeer pieces will be Cannon and Leopard.

Step 3: Placing Musketeer pieces

White places his 1st musketeer piece on row 0.
Black places his 1st musketeer piece on row 9.
White places his 2nd musketeer piece on row 0.
Black places his 2nd musketeer piece on row 9.

Exception: you can not place one musketeer piece behind a Rook and the other behind the King.

Step 4: Play Time

Standard chess rules apply for classic pieces.

Musketeer pieces enter the game when the position right in front of them is freed by a move. If the piece in front of a musketeer piece is captured before it entered the game, the musketeer piece is also removed from the board.

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May 17, 2023
by: Jimmy

I play with my friends more chess variations. When we first came accross the pieces designed by this inventor, we immediately got hooked. And then we tried Musketeer Chess. We simply can no longer play Chess, as the game is rich and much more interesting than chess without being much different from chess. We first needed to get used with how the new pieces move, then we made our own versions of Musketeer Chess using the same pieces but playing with them differently. I encourage each and everyone to try it !

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