Antoshin - Vasiukov

by Srinivas Reddy
(Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India)

This is a classic Benko Gambit game (fully accepted) played by Vladimir Antoshin and Evgeni Vasiukov in Moscow, Russia in 1972. In this game Evgeni Vasiukov posted a good win.

Venue: Moscow
Year: 1972
White: Vladimir Antoshin
Black: Evgeni Vasiukov

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 c5 3.d5 b5

A classic Benko Gambit Accepted opening. Nobody knows what is to be unfolded in the next few moves for this game.

4.cxb5 a6 5.bxa6 Bxa6

As we see, in the initial steps White assaults Black's two pawns (in fact we have to say Black had offered them).

6.Nc3 d6 7.e4 Bxf1 8.Kxf1

White finally starts to develop his pieces after gaining an advantage in the number of pawns. And after placing his pawns in significant positions, Black surprises his opponent with a exchange for a minor piece. This steals away White's chance to castle.

g6 9.Nf3 Nbd7 10.g3 Bg7

Now Black is slowly gaining some positional advantage in this game.

11.Kg2 O-O 12.Qe2 Qa5 13.Re1 Rfb8 14.Nd2 Rb4

After effectively shielding Black's king and nicely executed castling, Black is mobilising his forces to pose a challenge to White.

15.a3 Rb7 16.Nc4 Qa6 17.f4 Nb6 18.Nxb6 Qxb6

In these few steps White tends to strive to gain some advantage over the board. He places his pieces and a timely exchange gives White a sigh of relief.

19.e5 Ne8 20.Rb1 Qb3 21.Bd2 Nc7 22.Qd3 Nb5 23.Qe4 Nd4

Black trys to bring his knight forward through the loopholes White had produced over the board.

24.Be3 Nc2 25.Rec1 Nxe3+ 26.Qxe3 Rab8 27.Qe2 Rb6

Black is gaining control of the game and White's pieces seem somewhat passive.

28.Rc2 dxe5 29.fxe5 Bxe5 30.Rbc1 Bd4 31.Ne4 Qxd5

Black is slowly clearing the White pawns and heading towards the enemy king. White tends to be nearing his end.

32.Qf3 Kg7 33.b4 cxb4 34.axb4 Rxb4 35.Rf1 Rb3

Some final resistance offered by White before Black's win. He tends to slowing Black's win by trading pawns to stop Black. But it is nothing before Black's dashing moves.

36.Qf4 f5 37.Rc7 R8b7 38.Rxb7 Rxb7

White now desperately tries to save the pinned knight by placing his Rook here and there. But Black surely gains a material advantage and White has nothing to do, but to resign. A classic victory by Evgeni Vasiukov (Black) over his Russian counterpart Vladimir Antoshin (White).


Play through this excellent Benko Gambit game to see the dashing play.

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