Antichess - Zero Chess

by Kannan

Antichess (Zero Chess)

Antichess (Zero Chess)

Antichess is a kind of chess in which the main aim of the players is to get all of their pieces captured. Some call this Loser's Chess and others call it Zero Chess. Here the rules are entirely different from the normal way of playing chess. Because of the numerous changes in Antichess, its more interesting if you are bored with playing normal chess. This kind of chess is also called Reverse Chess.

In addition to the rules of normal chess, Antichess contains some more additional interesting rules. Here capturing is compulsory. No checkmates or check are available in this form of chess. And if more than one capture is possible, the player can exercise his choice. The king has limited powers in Antichess compared with the typical chess form. The king can be captured just like any other piece. The player who loses all his pieces will win the game.

Sometimes its quite difficult to have a win in this form of chess. Because of the forced capture rule, Antichess games often involve long sequences of forced captures by one player. This means that one minor mistake can lose you the game.

A type of chess similar to anti-chess is Kamikaze chess. It's almost identical to Antichess, it's only difference is that the king must be captured last. Players must not move into check until they only have the king left. If an opponent's move puts them in check, they must get out of it, as per standard chess.

If they only have the king left, they can just make a move which still leaves them in check, their opponent must take the king and then the player who has lost the king is the winner. If they are checkmated before all the other pieces are gone, they lose. Pawns may only be promoted to a queen . When comparing with the typical way of playing chess, this Antichess is really quite interesting because of the new rules and climax of the game .

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