AntiChess - Chess In Reverse

by Dhwani Shah

All we knew about chess all this while was the rule of capturing the opponent's pieces. If you had maximum pieces on board along with your king, you would win the game. All the while, while playing the game, your only motive would be capturing the opponent's pieces with a good strategy.

But have you ever thought of playing this chess game in a reverse manner? Where, instead of capturing your opponent's pieces, you need to play in a way that you lose your pieces first. Strange, isn't it? Well the rules of the game are simple. Capturing the pieces is compulsory. But because of the forced capture rule, this game often involves long sequences by one player.

What you need is a good strategy to save the opponent's pieces and make yourself lose your pieces to the opponent. Thus, even a minor mistake would change the whole game. The king does not play an important role. It is just like any other piece in the game. Hence, there is a slight variation in the rule. There is no check or checkmate. The king can be captured anytime like any other piece. In a situation of stalemate, the player who is unable to move his pieces is a winner. Like I said, Antichess!

It really sounds exciting. I guess it's worth giving a try to play this game, isn't it? Every move you play will need to be reversed and it will create eagerness and anxiousness before you could play any move. You will have to be very careful while playing even a single move because, like I mentioned earlier, even a minor mistake may ruin your strategy and turn the game in your opponent's favor. Go ahead, try it out and enjoy every single move while you play this wonder game, Antichess.

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