Alexander Alekhine vs Francisco Lupi

by Cecil

Alexander Alexandrovich Alekhine was one of the greatest chess players and was the fourth World Chess Champion. He was born in Russia in 1892 and by the age of 22 he became one of the tough competitors for the leading chess champions. Here comes a match between Alexander Alekhine (White) and Francisco Lupi (Black) which is known to be one of the toughest chess games ever.

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6

These moves were just the formal initial moves preparing the pawns and knights to form a forceful defense.

3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6

These moves involve the progress of the White incursion into Black's territory and Black's sensible response.

5.0-0 Nxe4 6.c4 d6

White is in a secure position now seeing that Black faces a solid defense to get the game going.

7.d4 Bd7 8.Re1 f5 9.Nc3 Be7 10.dxe5 Nxc3

These moves makes White to lose a bit as his pawn formation becomes disorganized in the knight exchange.

11.bxc3 0-0

Now Black takes a safer move to keep his king secure.

12.e6 Be8 13.Rb1 b5 14.cxb5 axb5 15.Bxb5 Rxa2 16.Bg5 h6

These moves takes the game to a neck to neck position where both having their equal chances to win the game.

17.Qb3 Ra8 18.Bxc6 Bxc6 19.Bxe7 Qxe7

White advances forth and exchanges the bishop to distract Black for making some witty moves.

20.Nd4 Be4 21.Rb2 Rfb8 22.Qxb8+ Rxb8 23.Rxb8+ Kh7 24.f3 c5

Now White moves forward into the compound of Black and Black makes witty moves to tackle the attack of White.

25.fxe4 cxd4 26.exf5 dxc3 27.Rc8 Qa7+ 28.Kh1 Qf2

Black takes a close encounter by queen few steps near the White king which keeps the game going strong.

29.Rc1 Qxf5 30.R8xc3 Qxe6

At this stage both of them end even and the game ends in a draw.

1/2 - 1/2

Play through this game move by move.

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