Alexander Alekhine in Disguise

by Deniz Akcadogan

Chess Master Extraordinaire - Alekhine

Chess Master Extraordinaire - Alekhine

Alexander Alekhine from Moscow was a famous chess player in the early 20th Century. He was World Champion for almost 20 years. Along with being a World Chess Champion, Alekhine lived his life to the fullest. He lived in many parts of Europe and traveled all over the world. And his life story is full of extraordinary anecdotes, surprises and fun! This short story is one of them.

In one of those days, before Alekhine escaped to France, he was walking around in disguise and witnessed two people playing chess. One of them was so arrogant that he kept making fun of his opponent and acting as if he was the greatest chess player ever. He cast aside his knights and said, "I can beat you without them!" After a short game, he won! He won and continued humiliating, laughing at his opponent. After the match Alekhine went to the winner of the game and begged for him to play just one game. He refused at first, but changed his mind afterwards. "Alright! It won’t take more than a couple minutes anyway."

It wouldn’t take long, actually. Because Alekhine lost the game deliberately. And that big-headed man began making fun of Alekhine this time. Alekhine, master of chess, begged for him to play one more game, one more time. Then… After convincing him again, Alekhine cast aside his knights just like his opponent did against the other man, and won the game in an extremely short time. The man was so surprised after being defeated and didn’t know what to say. Yet Alexander did. He introduced himself and said. "In chess, anything is possible. You shouldn't underestimate your opponent anytime!"

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