Albin-Counter Technique

by Vijay Balaji V
(Erode,Tamil Nadu,India)

Albin-Counter Gambit

Albin-Counter Gambit

Some people think that the Albin-Counter Gambit is not technically sound. I have read some comments by users as well as other people who express doubt in this rather unconventional opening but I feel the Albin deserves to be more than an offbeat oddity.

In the case of great chess players, they have been using this technique since the past. Alexander Morozevich, one of the greatest chess players has effectively used this technique. He has been smashing people with this gambit in a great many number of tournaments.

Many people also believe in the Albin as one of the best openings. They also adopt this and they are winning too. Sure there are few games on here that deal with the Albin but if you look up Albin games up under 2007, 8, or 9, you will see very strong players employing this gambit. I too tried this gambit extensively when playing chess games.

On my computer I found out that Black will eventually equalize, even in lines where he sacrifices the pawn with ...f6 and I have also noticed that when Black wins, game tends to be over in less than 35 moves, which is pretty outstanding. The Albin may be far from unsound guys.

I have employed this gambit in my chess competitions and I enjoyed tremendous success. When I adopt this technique, my opponents appear dumbfounded. I play 2..e5 and they end up playing something inferior anyway. They are expecting to overwhelm you with their theoretical QGA, or QGD, and they have a severe, contorted look of horror on their face when I trot out 2...e5.

So always I used to recommend this technique to my friends. When you play this technique, you will be beating opponents at your level. The true advantage of the Albin lays in practical play and eventually White will lose this so called "advantage" he gets if Black knows what he is doing.

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