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LCB, Issue #060 --, Hone Your Powers of Calculation for Rapid Wins
June 01, 2020

Hone Your Powers of Calculation for Rapid Wins

Lapoc Chess Board, Issue #060 -- GOTM #29 & 30

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Positional understanding is very important. It's a crucial element you lean on when grinding out a win in a long, hard contest against an evenly matched opponent. But don't forget about your tactics.

Keep an eagle eye peeled during the middlegame for a chance to strike a knockout blow before you even reach the endgame. Many games even some at the highest levels are decided by beautifully conceived middlegame attacks.

These attacks are built on good positional play plus the knowledge through experience of when a tactical shot is on. This is accompanied by the confidence to play the position and go for it. This month we have two exciting games demonstrating the power of tactical combinations and the admirable ability to calculate them.

Hone Your Powers of Calculation for Rapid Wins

Charousek, Rudolf Rezso - Wollner, Jakob [C21]

GotM #29 - Kosice, 1893
[Connaughton, Ken]

The first game takes us to Kosice in 1893. Rudolf Rezso Charousek has the White pieces and Jakob Wollner is playing with Black. Gambits are the order of the day and White chooses the Center Game as his platform to attack. Black accepts the Danish Gambit but declines the second pawn. Will this pragmatism stand to him in oncoming complications? Find out in Charousek - Wollner, Kosice, 1893.

Bronstein, David - Geller, Efim [E27]

GotM #30 - Moscow, 1961
[Connaughton, Ken]

Our bonus game this month takes us to Moscow in 1961. An era when the Soviet Union absolutely dominated the chess world (they're still pretty good today) but back then they had the majority of the best players. This game features two very strong Russian GMs from the period. Bronstein who contested a World Championship match against Botvinnik 10 years earlier had White.

Geller played Black in this game. Just a year later he would finish second behind Fischer in the Interzonal Tournament and second again behind Petrosian in the Candidates Tournament, missing out on a World Championship match against Botvinnik by half a point. So good players then.

They go into the Samisch Variation of the Nimzo-Indian and both are in a mood to trade punches. The game goes for just 20 frenetic moves. See who wins in this razor-sharp fight to the finish. Bronstein - Geller, Moscow, 1961.

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