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LCB, Issue #031 --, Attacking with the Chess Discovery
December 01, 2017

Strike with a Chess Discovery

Lapoc Chess Board, Issue #031 -- Attack of the Chess Discovery

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Last month we examined the pinning tactic. We got a great insight into immobilizing effect it can have on the enemy as he tries to develop in the opening. It was also clearly seen what a debilitating effect the pin could inflict in the middlegame, actually causing the collapse of the enemy position.

This month we will see another devastating tactical shot you can throw at your opponent. This is the chess discovery. They can be sub-divided into discovered attacks and discovered checks. The discovered attack unleashes an attack against an enemy piece along with a second threat. The discovered check attacks the King while delivering a second threat simultaneously.

We have 3 games that demonstrate these ideas showing you how you can deploy this tactic yourself. This tactic is so deadly it can force immediate resignations from grandmasters!

Classic Chess Discovery Games

Chao - Xiangzhi

Both players castled Queenside and Black played a clever sacrifice to open the d-file. It is along this file that the discovered attack will take place.

Black then invades with the Queen, driving the White King into the center, right into the path of the discovered attack. In order to give the discovery it's full potency, the second player plays a wonderful Queen sacrifice so that the discovered attack when it comes will also be a double check.

This is important as it means that White can only continue by fleeing with his King and checkmate is coming on the next move. It is an stylish piece of attacking chess. Chao - Xiangzhi.

Reti - Tartakower

This game was played by two well known GMs of the early 20th Century. The game itself is notorious because 11 move miniatures ending in checkmate are not common between such strong players.

Play began innocently enough with Black opting for the Caro-Kann Defense. His Queen fled to a5 after the d-file got opened and quickly became a target. White stole some tempi as the Queen got chased back into the center and before long White had completed castling and had taken over the d-file.

Black made an unwise capture in the center and opened himself up for a deadly tactic as White was able to exploit his central King and lack of development. White sacrificed the Queen and then with a discovered check forced checkmate, winning in just 11 moves. Reti - Tartakower.

Nimzowitsch - Ryckhoff

We end our study of the middlegame with a beautiful illustration of the discovered attack. White displayed wonderful tactical mastery, combining pins, double attacks and double threats to mate Black's uncastled King in a mere 12 moves.

The game got underway with the Ruy Lopez. This opening can be very unforgiving for Black if he is not extremely vigilant in the first 10 moves. White's Kingside gets developed much quicker than Black's and there is always a chance to pin on the e-file. Black does of course have adequate resources to get out of the opening and obtain a decent game. But there are traps to avoid.

In this game Black unfortunately sleep walks right into problems and loses his way. He allows the opening of the e-file while his King is stuck in the center. It is only a matter of time before White can strike with a fatal discovered check. It turns out to be checkmate due to a double check. Nimzowitsch - Ryckhoff.

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